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Starting Tuesday, June 9 2020, we will be able to reopen our reading rooms subject to certain protective and hygiene measures. Until further notice, a visit to the reading room is only possible by appointment.

Picture of the State Archive from the outside

Scale up Picture of the State Archive from the outside

The State Archive of Bern collects, registers, and preserves the canton's archival heritage.

It stores all the canton's archival holdings worthy of preservation and makes them available to the public in its reading rooms.

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  • The archive’s online catalogue allows you to search the State Archive's inventories from anywhere and at any time. The description of our holdings are digitised in our online inventory which contains about half a million entries:
  • The search function of this data base allows you to start individual searches as well as create lists. It is also possible to retrieve thousands of photographs as well as maps and plans.

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Online inventory of the holdings of the State Archives of Canton Bern

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