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History of the State Archive

Town Hall around 1895

Scale up Town Hall around 1895

Before moving to the Falkenplatz in 1939/40, the State Archive of the Canton of Bern had been housed in the vaults of the Town Hall of the city of since the early 15th century.

The idea of giving the Archive a new home in a new building in the Länggasse district was brought forward by Robert Grimm, the director of construction and a member of the Swiss parliament at the time.

The construction work was carried out by the renowned architect Walter von Gunten

Construction of the extension 1984-1986

Scale up Construction of the extension 1984-1986

Around 45 years later, between 1984-1986, a four-story underground cultural heritage shelter, designed by architect Magdalena Rausser, was constructed on the same location.

Until late in the 19th century, the supervision of the holdings in the State Archive was the responsibility of the Chancellor of State. In 1891 Heinrich Türler was appointed the first full-time State Archivist.

Today, even though it is at a different location, the State Archive is in its administration and organisation still closely linked to the State Chancellery.

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