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What do I have to do in order to get a document certified?

You can get documents certified by sending them to us by post or by coming to the counter in our office. We recommend that you send the documents to us by post. Here you will find out what you have to do and what additional information we may need from you.

There are some documents that we cannot directly certify. Here can you see which documents the State Chancellery can certify immediately and which must be provisionally certified by another authority beforehand:

Certification of documents: When is the State Chancellery the right place to go?

Written certification. What you have to do:


Put all the original documents that need to be certified together in one envelope. 


Complete the online form. Print out the form and sign it.

Form for written certifications by post


Send the original documents together with the form to the following address:

Staatskanzlei des Kantons Bern
Beglaubigung von Dokumenten
Postgasse 68
3000 Bern 8


We will certify the documents and send them back to you. You will receive the documents back within a week.


We will enclose our invoice with the certified documents.
Certification costs CHF 25.00 per document.

Certification at the counter. What you have to do:

If you have individual documents that need to be certified, you can get this done at the counter in our office:

State Chancellery of the Canton of Bern
Postgasse 68
3011 Bern

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday,
09.00 to 12.00
13.00 to 16.00

After a short wait, you can pay for the certified document and take it away. You can pay by credit card, TWINT or in cash. If you want to have several documents certified at the counter, you will have to wait longer. We recommend that if you need to have five or more documents certified, you should send them to us by post.

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