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About us

The State Chancellery is a multi-faceted service provider at the interface between politics, government and the public.

Cantonal Chancellor Christoph Auer

Cantonal Chancellor Christoph Auer (photographer Ruben Ung)


The State Chancellery is the administrative office for and the connection point between the executive (Cantonal Government) and the legislature (Cantonal Parliament). It plans, supports and coordinates the activities of these authorities and provides numerous services for the administration and the public.

Its main tasks are:

  • General political planning
  • Organising elections and votes
  • Coordinating external relations and European integration measures
  • Providing information to the general public and media
  • Publishing cantonal legislation
  • Dealing with issues related to bilingualism
  • Archiving documents relating to the Canton of Bern’s history and administration 
  • Achieving equal rights for women and men
  • Coordinating the digital administration.


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