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Find out more about Bern’s Rathaus

For more than 600 years, the Bern Rathaus has been the political center of the Canton and City of Bern. It is where the parliament and the government of the Canton of Bern meet. The parliament of the City of Bern also holds its meetings in the Rathaus.

Bern’s Political Center

The Rathaus (Town Hall) is the political center for the Canton and City of Bern. Five times a year the Cantonal Parliament holds its sessions in the parliament chamber (Grossratssaal). The Rathaus is also where the parliamentary committees convene to discuss their business and the parliamentary groups and the office of the Cantonal Parliament hold their meetings. Every week, the Cantonal Government also meets in the Rathaus to debate and decide on matters from all areas of policy. The Rathaus is also home to the City of Bern Parliament (Stadtrat) and the Canton and City’s youth parliaments.


  • 1947 «Evita» visited Bern.
  • 1946 Winston Churchill spoke from the outside staircase to a rapt Bern public.
  • 1865 — 1868 the Rathaus’s external appearance changed : it was clad in neo-gothic facades.
  • 1940 — 1942 renovating the Rathaus Entrance Hall
  • 1938 — 1940 upgrading the Rathaus
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